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September 20, 2012
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WVS -Snarethroat- by Pandaskeeper WVS -Snarethroat- by Pandaskeeper

[EDIT 15.12.12]
I updated his ref and put him on the new application sheet uwu <3
I really enjoy this sheet and I hope I did everything right xD

[EDIT 1.10.12]
New picture since the old one was just a colored sketch! I may update his information in a bit as well. Hope you like my little ST <3

what am I doing

This is totally =Creaian and ~Starri-Chan's fault

Name : Snarethroat
Past Names : Snarekit / Snarepaw
Nicknames : Grumpy

Clan : Stone Clan
Rank : Warrior
Gender : Male
Age : 24 months
Breed : Abyssinian/Pixie Bob X Balinese/???
Sexual Orientation : Straight

Appearance :
Snarethroat is still young. He is a short cat with somewhat stubby legs. He is very much a ginger cat with a few patches of darker fur scattered around in his pelt. He has a lighter underbelly and muzzle. His fur length is relitively short until it gets to the end of his tail and it flares out in a feathery fashion. His fur is also a bit long near his forehead and curls over into his signature large poofy curl. His ears are somewhat short and small, and his legs are short but strong. He's not a very good runner, but makes up for that with tactic and strength.
Genetics :
Dominant Ginger fur ; Green Eyes ; Splotches ; Light Underbelly ; Light Paws
Recessive Huge Front Fangs ; Dark GreyFur ; Light Golden Fur; Fox-like Tail ; Siamesse Markings; Amber Eyes

Personality :
[Sassy] | [Bossy] | [Valiant] | [Fun]

[Sassy] Snarethroat will always make sure you know what he's thinking and if he has to say it in a rude mannor, he will. That's pretty much all he does. He dislikes having to hold his tongue, and most of the time he lacks that one mechinsim in your brain that tells you not to say that. He's especially sassy to the higher-up cats in his clan. He's sorta grown out of it, but he's still got some issues with talking out of hand.

[Bossy] If he could run the clan he totally would. He already likes to boss around the kits. which is a little awkward and gets him in trouble quite a lot. No she-cats wants her kits bossed around. He also bosses around anyone younger than him. He's just a bossy tom and that's really about all you can say.

[Valiant] He's willing to risk his life for anyone in his clan, despite his annoying bossy nature he'd give his left paw to someone who needed it. He can't stand seeing anyone in pain either. Even if they are from another clan he will do all he can to make sure they're ok. That's probably why he should have been a medicine cat. Having to say no to anyone who is hurt will tear him up for months, and not to mention the person who tells him no will get the stink eye from him constantly. Snarethroat thinks his stink eye might make them randomly combust.

[Fun] Depending on the day of the week, Snarethroat can be a fun guy. He's actually pretty awesome when there's no one he dislikes around. Getting along with his good friends has definately made a name for the tom. He's always got some kind of buddy hanging around him, and then he's a little stiff but if they're out alone he's pretty fun and tends to always now how to have a good time.


Being Warm
She-cats with golden fur
Those who speak their minds

Kitty Pets
Shy People
Depressed Cats

Brief History :

Snarethroat grew up a happy Kitten. He had a loving family. Shadespot his mother, and Saberfang his father loved eachother very much. They were blessed with two kittens one year. A tom who they named Snarekit and a she-kit they named Goldenkit. Those two were inseperable. They went everywhere together and they loved eachother like siblings should! One day when the two woke up in the nursery they found out that their parents had just disapeared. Snarekit was confused, but his sister convinced them that they would be back. The two kits sat in the nursery for almost a week before Snarekit tried to talk Goldenkit out of this waiting game, and that they would be back soon. Goldenkit didn't listen, but Snare went back to his life and being a kit and played with the other kits. His sister still spent most of her time waiting and watching for her parents in the nursery.

When Snarekit was made an apprentice so was Goldenkit-- er paw now! While Snarepaw started his training Goldenpaw still went back to sitting in the nursery and waiting, waiting, waiting. She caused herself to get sick. She started to barely eat, and Snarepaw was worried. He tried to help his sister but she was long gone. A young apprentice who was still hurt over her parents leaving. More time Passed and Snarepaw was finally given his warrior name. Goldenpaw didn't even bother to come. This is when Snarethroat snapped at her, and told her to get her stuff together and stop waiting for their parents. They weren't going to return anyway! Now adays Snarethroat is enjoying his days of being a warrior and pays absolutely no attention to his sister who is still trying to get her life back together after the shock from her brother's outrage. He doesn't care much for people who mourn anymore, and he refuses to talk about his parents. His hidden grudges have never been spoken and he doesn't think they ever will be.

Shadespot - Mother - MAI
Saberfang - Father - MAI
Goldengaze - Sister - ~BreezyFox

Apprentice | N/A
Mate : N/A
Kits : N/A

Relationships :

:bulletwhite: = Acquaintance
:bulletyellow: = Uncertainty
:bulletblue: = Friend
:bulletgreen: = Good Friend
:bulletpurple: = Family
:bulletorange: = Crush
:bulletpink: = Love
:bulletred: = Lust
:bulletblack: = Dislike
:bulletblack:/:bulletblack: = Greatly Despise

Feeling | Name - Roleplayer


:bulletwhite:/:bulletblue: | Hazellight - ~good-within-u


:bulletred:/:bulletyellow:/:bulletblack: | Morningsun - ~SolCreations


:bulletpurple:/:bulletyellow: | Goldengaze - ~BreezyFox












Dont look at me like that
I do what I want.

Snarethroat (C) *Pandaskeeper
Design (C) ~Solfeesh
:iconwarriorsvalleystream: (C) *BettaRae
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