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WVS | Snarethroat's siblings [Winners] by Pandaskeeper WVS | Snarethroat's siblings [Winners] by Pandaskeeper

[ EDIT 4.9.13 ]
I have updated this with two of the cats chosen.
If you applied for one and did not get them then I'm sorry maybe you could refine your application and reapply for either Goldengaze or Titian! If you applied for a cat and it didn't receive an owner again I'm sorry but I really really want these to get good homes you're really gonna need to drive it into my skull that you want them!!

Goldengaze and Titian's new Due date will be May 1st!


So I was making some designs earlier and I noticed they all looked a lot like Snarethroat
and then I did some thinking
since I'm going to have to be going to art school soon I want snare's legacy to keep going after all B) and he's always had a big family I just don't have time for all these cats gosh

so I'm going to hold some try outs!!
Each Cat has a name and some specific things I want you to keep

How to Apply

In the Comments you'll need to post this!

[ # and Name of Cat ]
[ Your username ]
[ Links to any cats you already have in the group ]
[ Personality ]
[ Why you want him/her ]

You're allowed to add anything extra to the bits I've already given the more interesting you make them the more willing I will be to give them to you!
Art is optional but never hurts your chances!

Keep in mind that 1, 3 and 4 are all from the same litter while 2 is Snarethroat's littermate.
1, 3, and 4 have no idea who Snarethroat and Goldengaze are and they were born to a kittypet mother. They don't know their father because he was killed shortly after Shadespot became pregnant with her second litter
the parents are seen here

Due date is April 6th!

The Cats


Rank .*. Age .*. Gender

Specific Things I'm looking for

:dev: of Applicants



I chose goody because I know she will love Cinnabar and give him a nice home uwu <3

Kittypet or Rogue .*. 1 1/2 years .*. Male

- Rash, quiet, loyal Personality
- Injured Hearing
- Hate for his father

:dev :


Warrior of Stoneclan .*. 3 years .*. Female

- Keep in mind that she is depressed, but is now trying to move on and pick things up. She doesn't like to be sad, but tends to be without trying. Just like human depression, yet she keeps most of it to herself and tries to be a good member of the clan while fighting off something she's been trying to shake for a long time.
- She tends to be very nervous
- Her ears are torn up because she tends to rake her paws over them if she is stressed out
- Snarethroat and Goldengaze don't talk much and he prefers to stay away from her, yet he still loves her.



Rogue .*. 1 1/2 years .*. Male

- Flirty
- Desprately wants to be in a Clan
- Knows about Snarethroat and Goldengaze
- Hates the life of a kittypet




I chose Pry because I thought they did a really wonderful job they seemed prepared and excited to be getting Maggy and they already completely typed out her info!
Some things to note though are that Maggy and Snare are not half-siblings they both have the same parents they just don't know eachother!

Kittypet .*. 1 1/2 years .*. Female

- Sweet, Calm nature
- Loves music
- Absolutely loves being outside but isn't cut out for the warrior lifestyle
- Gets lonely very easily

*Pryhton | Art
=MaeButts | Art

Good luck guys!! uwu
I'm looking forward to seeing applicants

Lineart (C) ~Whitelinxanimator500
Designs + Story (C) *Pandaskeeper
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vaniIIasprinkIes Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013   Writer
[ # and Name of Cat ] #3 - Titian -
[ Your username ] *glowboats
[ Links to any cats you already have in the group ] N/A
[ Personality ] flirty (as said in desc.), charming, sweet, secretly depressed at times, kind, shy, cheerful, and moody
[ Why you want him/her ] I know this is really old, but I'm going to apply anyways. And would it be alright if I could move him to :iconwarriorssecondchance: because that group is still WVS. It just moved. 
pyxiecat Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
okokok i wanted to join wvs anyways ad ive had my eye on her for a while so im throwing caution to the wind

Number and name of cat;; #2: Goldengaze.
Username;; =pyxieCAT.
Cats already in the group;; n/a.

{anxious} {modest} {thoughtful} {generous}

- Goldengaze tends to be the type of cat who worries over small issues, often over-thinking things before they happen. While she doesn't purposely try to do so, she tries to avoid coversations with her fellow clanmates, thinking that if she did speak, she wouldn't know what to say or make things awkward, leading the she-cat to be a little introverted at times. In addition, the feline frets over bad things happening to those she cares for, usually panicking over them a scratch or tussle with another cat. Her anxiety, sometimes, cripples her more than a disability ever could.

- Even though she isn't the most outgoing member of the clan, Goldengaze is very skilled at warrior's duties-- she is an exceptional hunter and fighter. However, when praised, Gold often freezes up and denies the compliment, putting the focus on another cat; ex: "Oh! Oh, no, that wasn't because of me! It was ____. They're such a good hunter; I'm not nearly as great as they are." This stems from being overlooked and unnoticed, as well as her own feelings of inadequacy.

- Goldengaze is very considerate of other cats, making sure she's polite and respectful of her clan. When the rare time arises that she does have a long talk with a clanmate, she makes sure that she empathizes and is aware of how they feel before responding, and she offers compliments and praises to those who pull their weight and support the clan. Usually, the golden cat is known to understand and find the good in even the darkest cat with the worst intentions, generally being the voice of reason in disputes and arguments.

- Gold puts others above herself. If the situation where another clanmate-- to the respected leader to the smallest kit --was hungry, and there was only one piece of prey left, she'd give it up without thinking, being the sweet cat she is. Goldengaze also loves to help others, offering assistance whenever needed and agreeing to any request. While this is a good trait, it sometimes leads Gold to not care for and overwork herself.

Why I want her;; Well, as soon as I saw the group being talked about by a few artists I admire, I figured I might as well check it out, right? When I did, I saw that WVS is a really active and well-thought about group, and it had two of my favourite things at the time: warrior cats and roleplaying. However, when I went to see if it was open, I saw that it wasn't and decided to wait for it to reopen so I could join in on the fun. Obviously, since then, I've been putting it off, convincing myself that I didn't have the time to take a part and be active in the group! When I saw these babies, though, I started to consider trying out and joining the group with one! I was specifically draw to Goldengaze-- her design is beautiful, simple, and unique at the same time, and the fact that she suffers from depression immediately caused me to click with her, because I and several people close to me suffer from it as well, and I can relate to some of the issues she faces. uwu All in all, I'm in love with the group and character, and would cherish her if I got her.

(the art will come later!!)
Pandaskeeper Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a really wonderful application ;o;
pack4ever8 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013

[ # and Name of Cat ] Cinnabar #1
[ Your username ] ~pack4ever8
[ Links to any cats you already have in the group ]
•Birdflight- [link]
•Softwing- [link]
•Brackenpaw- [link]
•Bella- [link]

-Personality- {Quiet} {Stutter} {Mistrusting} {Rash}

{Quiet} Cinnabar has always been the quiet sort of cat, rarely speaking to any cat even when it could be important. He fears to talk to cats because of his terrible stutter. He thinks they'll make fun of him and taunt him, so he doesn't really speak.

{Stutter} Cinnabar has had this stutter since birth, inheriting it from somewhere down the long lines of generations before himself and his siblings. He hates the stutter, and sometimes it gets so bad it, when he does speak, causes him to loose his voice for a short amount of time.

{Mistrusting} this mistrust in all cats; Cinnabar takes to an extreme level. He'll take it as far as to HIDE himself upon the presence of another cat. But a huge factor in this mistrust comes from his distant past when a cat back stabbed him.

{Rash} Cinnabar is one who just Rushes into things without thinking much about it. He doesn't seen to care what he does, but on the inside he does, but he just doesn't put much thought into it before acting. This action caused him to have hearing damage.

[ Why you want him ]

I would like Cinnabar because first, because his personality is one that I think would suit me a lot in role playing, this stutter he has would also be a unique one that I've never gotten the privilege to work with before, and would be an honor to do. Second, his design is one you don't see quite often in the role playing world. It's so unique with its many different patterns and colors, and I love calicos ;; Lastly, it would be a huge honor to be able to Rp a cat from you. You are able to work out your characters so nicely, and in a way that I can't even do.
FueForget-me-knots Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
# and name of cat;
Titan #3


Links to cats I already have un the group;
[link] Umberkit/paw

{{Calm: Usually at ease others don't find a more calm and amenable feline. Titan sets out to be at ease in every sort of situation with nothing to falter him. Like his name suggests, he shows great strength and intelligence in most situations. In short he doesn't get annoyed or bothered by much and his sure fired impression can leave you in awe get on your nerves at the same time.
{{Audacious: A reckless and daring lady's man who doesn't seam to be afraid of anything. Or atleast that's how he usualy masks himself. He is in fact adventurous and gallant but not fearless.
{{Tender: As bold as his outer casing may be Titan is very tender inside. Caring for others, attentive and sometimes anxious of the future. Though he try's to ignore most of that he can't really fight a sence of emotion if it's in him, like the sence to be heedful. Others usually only see tidbits of this side of him, but it becomes more clear as his gallant and caring nature grows on them.
{{Free willed: Someone who is never afraid to put his head into the wind and step unto unknown terrirory. Titan is someone who doesn't believe in letting anything stop him because he sees no point in dwelling on the pessimists ideas. He is free of caged up dwelling emotions that brings others down. Or atleast he'd like to think so.
{{Conflicted: This may be a difficult sort if thing to explain... Titan is very confused about his origins, his far away siblings he once had no idea about, and the clans that are so different from his old kitty pet home. It's all so messed up. Complex.

Why you want him;
To me he has an amazing personality, this strong intimidating cat who is a sly lady's man, with an indifference he's not likely wanting to show.
And he's gorgoese. <3
xchemicalkidsx Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013

[ # and Name of Cat ] #4, Maggy
[ Your username ] =Feyrah-Mae
[ Links to any cats you already have in the group ] none v n v
[ Personality ]

[Sweet - Naturistic - Content - Spiritual/Calm ]

"Oh, you need a paw with that? Here...". Maggy is very caring. She will do anything for anyone which also makes her very gullible. Maggy puts everyone before herself and makes sure that her siblings are all doing ok.

"That is a very interesting plant....Maggy is very fond of nature. She never kills anything, since she is very well fed and thinks that the clans need the food the most. Maggy could look at nature all day. She'd watch the way that a tree stretches into the sky. She'd watch the way that a flower blossoms into beauty.

Maybe I should join the clans... No no, too dangerous.Maggy is very happy with her kitty pet life. She occasionally watches the clans and their ways, sometimes wishing that she would be able to join the clan. Maggy is afraid that she'd get picked on for being a kitty pet, and always finds a reason not to join the clans. She sometimes gets lonely, but other times she's too busy lounging around.

Maggy believes in spirits. She believes that certain traditions will heal certain parts of her. She thinks strongly that music can help calm the spirit world down. She dreams that when she dies, she will go into another world where peace and tranquility are at heart.

Maggie once loved a young, handsome tom from Riverclan. She'd spy on him occasionally, sometimes having little chats. Maggie soon fell into a deep love, thinking about the tom day and night. One day, when maggie planned to confess her love, she saw that the tom was already with another she-cat. Maggie quickly falled into depression, but soon healed with the support of her siblings.

[ Why you want him/her ]
I've been trying to find an opportunity to join WVS, but I havn't really found that design that I instantly fell in love with, y'know? Maggy's design is just so cute and wow<3 I love her design to bits and her little collar is so cute omg.
xchemicalkidsx Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
oh and do we need to draw a pic of her with this entry?
Chamast Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Goldengaze is gorgeous ouo I'm definitely going to try out for her <3
Pandaskeeper Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
petalkitten Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

o snap i have to try out

challenge accepted
Pandaskeeper Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sweet my taunting worked
petalkitten Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i think i have a super weak spot for calicos
Pandaskeeper Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
calicos are the best
petalkitten Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
blazinq Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
[ Your username ] RozyPopsy
[ Links to any cats you already have in the group ]
[ Personality ] Cinnabar is a confident young male. He loves to join in and can be quite big headed at times. He is a loyal and strong cat that will do anything for his fellow clan mates. He is a kind and helpful cat that loves to be around others. He can sometimes run into things without thinking though and will face the consequences. He loves to battle and is very technical about it but can sometimes get caught up in arguments. He is quite fierce but really is just a softie inside.
[ Why you want him/her ] I want Cinnabar because I love his coat. It's a really beautiful coat and I love tortoiseshell! I already have a female and would love a male. I really wanted a cat with family and that was someone else's at the beginning. I wanted a cat that I could say that I adopted and that I can say who it's family was and that so people can say oh I know him!
Sylveonxx Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013
[ Your username ] *Pryhton
[ Links to any cats you already have in the group ]
[ Personality ]

[ Sweet | Calm | Lonely | Adventurous ]

Sweet:: Maggy is a general sweetheart. She's always kind, always nice, and she exposes it in many ways. There is not a mean hair on her body. She's outgoing as well, it bounces in her sweet personality. Maggy is never rough, nor harsh, and she loves meeting new cats. Weather the cat she just met is an angry furball, or an innocent kitten, Maggy's sweet and gentle side will expose itself. She always tells herself she can never be a hard or rude cat, just the thought makes her upset and her fur tingle with uncertainty. Maggy loves to be sweet to those around her, no matter the situation.

Calm:: Maggy is also very calm. She never gets angry, and even if she does, it never shows. She remains calm and collected, no matter the situation: violent or just relaxing. She always looks at the best case senaerio, always keeping a positive attitude toward things. Maggy is headstrong, but it never complicates the problem. She prefers to keep calm, just because it always makes things easier.

Lonely:: Maggy is lonely most of the time. She never minds it, she just wishes it could change. Maggy grew up alone though, so it's a normal feeling to her to feel alone in her own little world. Her mind always tells her to keep distance from those who try to overthrow her or harm her, despite her sweet and calm nature. She's afraid most cats will want to harm her, so the personality disorders power her mind to the point she breaks down. But it's never frequent, only on occasion.

Adventerous:: Maggy's out for adventure. She's always looking to explore, climb tress, chase mice, and sleep under the stars. She loves the outdoors with a passion, it's always soothing to her, especially from her loney nature. Along the run, she's been introduced to Clans, maybe offered a chance in one, but knows that the Clan life is too much and overwhelming, so she sticks to her kittypet roots, while she enjoys a good snooze under the moon and stars every once in a while

[ Why you want him/her ]
Oh my goodness her design is like BAM. It's so perfect and gorgeous and all saldasf
I also wouldn't mind roleplaying a feline apart of Snare's family ♥ And I also wouldn't mind roleplaying a kittypet. I just love how amazing she is.
Here is the drawn and filled out portion: [link]
Pandaskeeper Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations <3
I have decided to give you Maggy!!
Sylveonxx Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013
eeep! Yay thank you so much! ♥
//squishes Maggy
good-within-u Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013
#1 Cinnabar

[Good-within-u ]
[ Mimifoot
and more XD)

[ Personality

Rash: Cinnabar is very rash, he will always rush into things with out thinking and sometimes that can get him hurt or in big trouble, due to this he also got hurt while out oneday and his hearing got messed up when a very loud noise went off. He snapes at anyone who makes him angry and will go straight into a fight to protect his territory or himself
Quiet: Cinnabar is very quiet, he keeps to himself and never speaks to random cats, it takes a good while for him to warm up to a cat to talk to them, being a rouge has been hard on him and of the danger he has seen and of the lifes that have been lost made him become quiet and to the solitary life of a rouge. He doesn't like to be around noisy cats, even if he can't hear very well, but he tryes his best to live the life of a rouge
Loyal: This tom is very loyal when it comes to something like a good friend or one of his siblings he will stand by there side and never leave them in their time of needs. He will do anything for a good friend and untill he has repay his deeds back, he'll stay loyal to them like a clan cat to there clan or their mate

EXTRA: When at a younger age, Cinnabar was exsploring oneday and fell asleep next to a small monster thing, nothing bother him at all, till a very very loud noise woke him up and sent him running off, his ears were rining for a vew minets and due to this, his hearing has been not so great, he can't hear a cat walking softly on the ground or hear a twig snap from a far place.

He has a very big dislike for his father, he won't say why, but when someone askes who his father was, he would always frown and hiss "He's an awful cat, never ask of him again", till this day he wont say why he hates his father so much, something he just hates him for no reason, others think his father was mean to him, but only Cinnabar knows the thruth]
[ Why you want him/her ]

when i saw this kitty i just feel in love with him, his pelt his just amazing, i love cats with this type of colors and design. when i frist saw him i thought of a good lstory for him right away and just thought og some personality traits and how he would act. :3. When s aw the personality you have for him , i was close to what iw as thinking an d i just love it!, i also lke the fact that he can barley hear right even if he doesn't look like it. His color sceme is just great and perfect for a new chary, and i love his name, i never heard of the name Cinnabar before :3 He'll be my first kitty to have these kinda colors,( i think XD) and his personality is somewhat a little like me XD

;3 i'll have a drawing of him up soon ;w; i hope i get him but if not <3 it was fun to try-out for him
Pandaskeeper Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations <3
I have decided to give you Cinnabar!!
good-within-u Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013
;U; i won!!! Omg!!! Im so happy! I will love and take good care of Cinnabar! XD im grounded right now so i cant post a drawing of him yet ;w; im so happy i got this kitty! Thank you panda!
Carbonflight Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
darn, I don't have any cats in WVS...
Pandaskeeper Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You dont need to have one to try out uwu
sugarxKAT Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh my, what wonderful designs :3
Pandaskeeper Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!!
sugarxKAT Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
i particularly love Cinnabar's and Goldengaze's designs. if i had any reason to try out for them the i totally would. Goldengaze's personality is quite interesting.
Treaimas Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist

Laid-Back: Maggy would be a very laid back she-cat -- not to the extent of being lazy, but she does enjoy her free time. She prefers to let things just happen, and let nature take it's course.

Sweet: Mag has a very big heart-- from the tiniest kitten to the oldest cat, she can find love for just about anyone.

Adventurous: This little she-cat really spends much of her time exploring-- she loves finding little nooks and crannies in her yard, and exploring what she can. Though, one day she hopes to see something outside of her little world.

Pacifist: Mag doesn't really see the point in harming another cat-- it's silly to her. There should be no reason to bring harm to a member of her own species.

Extra: One day, her hunger for adventure may push her to leave her life as a kittypet-- for a while, at least. ( As said in the description above) She may not be ready to enter the wild.

I want her because oh my god. First, her design. She's like a tortie, kind of, and torties are so cute <3
I've never actually roleplayed a kitty-pet, and I think this would be a great opportunity for me. Her personality is just adorable, and I've totally always wanted a hispter cat (lolwhut)

Anyway, I'll have a picture of her up soon <3

Faithypooh Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013
Pandaskeeper Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ask a question in a reply to this comment please!! 8)

Sylveonxx Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013
Would you also like a picture? <3
Pandaskeeper Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is optional but definitely doesn't hurt your chances ; )
Sylveonxx Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013
Perfect! ♥ So would I comment an application here as well as the picture?
Pandaskeeper Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes! uwu
Nomina-Difficile Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Can I put mine up in an hour or so? I'm busy ATM and cant go through and fill it out.
Pandaskeeper Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The duedate is april 6th so take your time uwu
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